Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Movie 2011 : The Tarix Jabrix 3 DVDRip (350MB )

Release Date: Movie 2011
Genre: Movie Comedy
Stars: Alda Changcut, Candil, Dipa Changcut, Erick Changcut, Ingrid Widjanarko, Joe P Project, Kamidia Radisti, Olivia Jensen, Qibil Changcut, Tria Changcut
Quality: Movie DVDRip
Encoder: Kid@loadzoom
Runtime: 92 min
Subtitle: Download Subtitle Click Here

The Tarix Jabrix gets the biggest challenges in their lives. After failing to become a hero when saving an orphanage from a fire, WORM (Tria Changcut) working in the insurance company asked his boss to negotiate with their old enemy, ROAD Devils motorcycle gang so as not to create more unrest in Bandung who had eaten a lot of casualties, and claims bill insurance that has accumulated. Worms directly undertakes, and his companions, Dadang (Erick Changcut), Mulder (Dipa Changcut), CIKO (Changcut Alda) and Throckmorton (Qibil Changcut) come with worms back to Bandung. Mulder gets a position as deputy director in the company papinya, decided to resign because he felt papinya work with foreigners to exploit Indonesia.

But when The Tarix Jabrix who this time did not wear off their bikes, but the car company's office, had been paralyzed by the Road Devils are now already has a new general, a fierce and whiz girl named Melly (Olivia Jensen). Not just money negotiations are taken, but the car vandalized offices, and most take pride Worms .. her favorite jackets were also seized by Melly because worms lost racing.
Worms severe embarrassment, emotion increased when mother was also attacked by the worm Road Devils. The Tarix Jabrix declare war with the Road Devils, assisted by BAROKAH (Eddi Broccoli), a former general who wants to overthrow the Road Devils Melly. The Tarix Jabrix make an appointment with the Road Devils, they want to hold the race again. Lost motorcycle gang, to be dissolved. Melly agreed. The Tarix Jabrix was practicing with Admiral WHEEL CRAZY (Budi Dalton) in order to defeat Melly and the Road Devils.
Dadang met with Virgin (Kamidia Radisti) that turned out to students Admiral Gila Wheels. Dadang liver was flowery, thought the opportunity to declare his love to Mayang. However Mayang keep a secret. Meanwhile, the idea Barokah, Worms trying to find flaws with pretend PDKT to Melly Melly. But the basic worm, the intent becomes a secret agent, even a real fall in love with Melly. Mulder who ran away from home, trying to be persuaded by papinya to return. But Mulder refused. That the children Tarix Jabrix and Road Devils do not know is .. ready to hit a major disaster.
Who can win the race? The Tarix Jabrix or Road Devils? Can love Worms and Melly of two distinct camps united?


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