Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Movie 2011 Leafie a Hen Into the Wild~ WEBRip (350MB)

Release Date: Movie 2011 (South Korea)
Genre: Movie Animation,Adventure,Drama
Stars: Moon So-Ri, Yoo Seung-Ho, Choi Min-Sik
Quality: Movie WEBRip
Encoder: Kid@loadzoom
Runtime: 01 : 32 : 24
Subtitle: Download Subtitle Click Here

A hen named Leafie (Moon So-Ri) lives caged up in a chicken farm only to produce eggs. Leafie dreams of going out into the yard she sees outside of the chicken farm and to lay eggs freely. Leafie then starves herself for several days, pretending she can't lay eggs anymore. Finally, Leafie is dumped into a puddle. She is able to get away from the puddle and into the yard. A one-eyed weasel is about to eat Leafie, but she able to save herself with the help of a mallard drifter (Choi Min-Sik).

Finally, Leafie lives freely within nature with the help of the mallard drifter and Dal-Soo (Park Cheol-Min). She becomes acclimated to her surrounding and enjoys her freedom. One day, Leafie finds a duck egg and for the first time, Leafie incubates the egg. In the meantime, the mallard drifter dies while protecting Leafie and the duck egg from the one-eyed weasol. Finally the egg shell is broken and the baby duck comes out. The baby duck thinks Leafie as her mother.


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