Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What Are You Really Saying, Dear?

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Women often lie? The following article will help you discover their intentions. Have you ever heard the saying goes, "What in the mouth is different from what is in my heart?" There is no doubt that women often put forward dishonesty with a more refined language. Indeed, it is not always to the negative. However, starting from the smallest to the bedroom, women often deliver something that is contrary to his heart. Hmm, what the hell the usual dishonesty ejected from their mouths? Here are some examples.......

What Are You Really Saying, Dear?

"I'm not really angry"

It lies most often women do. Despite sounding trivial. Problem forgotten birthday or anniversary date you can not take for granted. Women will always remember the little things and keep it to myself. So, next time he says, "I'm not really angry" when you are - again - forget the anniversary, immediately apologize and plan something special the next day. A romantic dinner in a restaurant you do a first date, maybe?

"Go out clubbing with your friends"

On the one hand, women feel reluctant to say too overprotective (or even a possessive). However, on the other hand there is no single woman who willingly if the man she loved going to the club with her male friends to glance at another woman. Let you go on to say 'just go' is a lie that women often make. Maybe it's called too dear.

"I'm not ready for a relationship"

Sequel is, "I'm focused career, so do not even think about dating." Another variation: "I just broke my heart so not ready to forge a new relationship." This is a subtle form of rejection. In fact, if she was single and was attracted to you, whatever will she faced to become your partner.

"Yesterday was the most wonderful night!"

In addition to fake orgasms, women often praised her lover about the performance in bed. If a woman has given her heart to one man, then he will put her full attention. Because women have this habit, it will tend to express what you want to hear, including how good your action in bed.