Tuesday, December 6, 2011

You will leave us free to arrange the rest?\"

Toda Erika - LIAR GAME 2

Yoshitaka Yuriko - Tokyo DOGS

Natsumi Elena - Challenged

Koike Rina (Challenged)

Shida Mirai - Shokojo Seira

Kichise Michiko - LIAR GAME 2"

You will leave us free to arrange the rest?"

In a dry, jerky voice the Viscount stated:
"Twenty paces; at the signal, raising the arm, and not lowering it. Exchange of shots till one is seriously wounded."
"They are excellent conditions," declared the Colonel in a tone of satisfaction. "You shoot well, you have every chance."
They departed. The Viscount went home to wait for them. His agitation, momentarily quietened, was now growing minute by minute. He felt a strange shivering, a ceaseless vibration, down his arms, down his legs, in his chest; he could not keep still in one place, neither seated nor standing. There was not the least moistening of saliva in his mouth, and at every instant he made a violent movement of his tongue, as though to prevent it sticking to his palate.
He was eager to have breakfast, but could not eat. Then the idea came to him to drink in order to give himself courage, and he sent for a decanter of rum, of which he swallowed six liqueur glasses full one after the other.
A burning warmth flooded through his body, followed immediately by a sudden dizziness of the mind and spirit.
"Now I know what to do," he thought. "Now it is all right."
But by the end of an hour he had emptied the decanter, and his state of agitation had once more become intolerable. He was conscious of a wild need to roll on the ground, to scream, to bite. Night was falling.