Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Top five ice princess:chinese Chen lu

Chen Lu was born in changchun November 24, 1976,northeast of China.she is a figure skating athletes. She won China’s first one championship at Lillehammer Winter Olympics in 1994, second in Asia pieces Figure Skating Winter Games medals in 1995 World Figure Skating Championships and become China’s first one (Asia’s third-bit) figure skating world champion and at 1998 Nagano Winter Olympic Games won China’s second gold (Asia No. 3 pieces) Figure Skating Winter Games medals, who was Asian first one as two consecutive Winter Olympics athletes have won medals in figure skating . Because in a few games and performances in the interpretation of the “Butterfly Lovers” for the lovers of the female lead degenerate into sentimentalism and butterflies love tragedy, Chen Lu was the audience and the media referred to as “ice butterfly.” Now she has married with a handsome russian guy.
She’s gonna pack her bags
She’s gonna find her way
She’s gonna get right out of this
She don’t want New York
She don’t want L.A.
She’s gonna find that special kiss
She don’t want no sleep
She don’t want no high
Oh, like peaches ‘n’ cream
She’s gonna wish on stars and touch the sky
Ah, you know what I mean

She wants a good time
No need to rewind
She needs to really really find what she wants
She lands on both feet
Won’t take a back seat
There’s a brave new girl
And she’s comin’ out tonight