Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Japanese kimono woman: hyacinth - nice

Kimono sub male, female, children and unlined garment, women kimono belt (obi) texture for the texture of silk flowers or embroidery, about 3 ~ 5m, width 25 ~ 40cm, usually without a single weaving cutting, when wrapped in the back between the chest, tie a knot in the back, end eyes carefully, there are more than 200 kinds. The central belt after lining a small pad to support the fold belt ornaments. In a variety of social activities, the kimono has been loved by Japanese people.

The sound of his voice set him trembling, and he looked round. He felt very nervous. He drank another glass of water, then began to undress for bed.
As soon as he was in bed, he blew out the light and closed his eyes.
"I've the whole of to-morrow," he thought, "in which to set my affairs in order. I'd better sleep now, so that I shall be quite calm."
He was very warm in the blankets, but he could not manage to compose himself to sleep. He turned this way and that, lay for five minutes upon his back, turned on to his left side, then rolled over on to his right.
He was still thirsty. He got up to get a drink. A feeling of uneasiness crept over him:
"Is it possible that I'm afraid?"
Why did his heart beat madly at each familiar sound in his room? When the clock was about to strike, the faint squeak of the rising spring made him start; so shaken he was that for several seconds afterwards he had to open his mouth to get his breath.
He began to reason with himself on the possibility of his being afraid.
"Shall I be afraid?"