Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Japanese hot actress-Yumi Sugimoto

Japanese actress Yumi Sugimoto sexy bikini photo exposured whose body is enough attractive. Sugimoto had been short-listed candidates in her primary school age as a young Japanese girls comic magazine “Ribon” ’s model.

In 2002, she became one of the Japanese fashion magazine “Pichi Lemon” (study and research community) and award-winning models, the same year in May until May 2004 is formally served as a model for the magazine. Since then, Sugimoto fame began to known.Soon she began other three magazine’s exclusive models, including quite reputable in Asia, “JJ” magazine. The most distinguishing features of Sugimoto appearance of is its 167-centimeter height and a charming smile with dimples.


"Georges Lamil, 51 rue Moncey." Nothing more.
He examined the grouped letters; they seemed to him mysterious, full of confused meaning. Georges Lamil? Who was this man? What did he do? Why had he looked at the woman in that way? Was it not revolting that a stranger, an unknown man, could thus disturb a man's life, without warning, just because he chose to fix his insolent eyes upon a woman? Again the Viscount repeated aloud:
"What a hound!"
Then he remained standing stock-still, lost in thought, his eyes still fixed upon the card. A fury against this scrap of paper awoke in him, a fury of hatred in which was mingled a queer sensation of uneasiness. This sort of thing was so stupid! He took up an open knife which lay close at hand and thrust it through the middle of the printed name, as though he had stabbed a man.
So he must fight. Should he choose swords or pistols?--for he regarded himself as the insulted party. With swords there would be less risk, but with pistols there was a chance that his adversary might withdraw. It is very rare that a duel with swords is fatal, for mutual prudence is apt to restrain combatants from engaging at sufficiently close quarters for a point to penetrate deeply. With pistols he ran a grave risk of death; but he might also extricate himself from the affair with all the honours of the situation and without actually coming to a meeting.
"I must be firm," he said. "He will take fright."