Monday, December 5, 2011

Calendar Very Hot 2010

The game participants include 3 female Hong Kong celebrities. Usually the girls are invited for their beauty or celebrity status. The girls are given an apron to wear on top of the clothes they come in.
[edit]Competition 1
For the first competition, a master chef will cook a more complicated dish and then explain the recipe and cooking procedure. The female celebrities are then requested to match the chef's dish by trying to imitate the cooking and recipe.
[edit]Competition 2
In competition 2, the three contestants are presented with a live seafood (fish, eel, crab, squid...etc) to prepare and cook a dish. They must kill, clean and prepare the seafood all by themselves.
When the dish is finished, the hosts, guest judges and the guest chef gets to sample the dishes and on a scale of -10 to 10, they give out a score. Negative scores are often given. One of the hosts actually got sick from eating one of the celebrities' dish and skipped a day's filming.[citation needed] Selected members of the audience also get a chance to try the dishes and make additional comments. Winners are announced at the end of the show.