Friday, October 7, 2011

Xiao Yun : China hot sexy photos

Xiao Yun : China hot sexy photos
Teen strips for quake

Xiao Yun : China hot sexy photos
A teenage girl is causing uproar in China
by posting scantily-clad pictures of herself
to raise money for the earthquake appeal.
The 19-year-old,
who calls herself Xiao Yun,
said it was her way of doing her bit for the victims,
reports the Information Times.

She lives in Beijing but is originally from Sichuan province where the earthquake hit and wanted to encourage more people to donate.

“It’s encouraging to see people donating to help -

I will release more photographs of myself to encourage more people to donate,” she wrote online.
“I am still a student,
so I am doing my part in my way.
I just want to give something back to my hometown.”

Her forum thread has had more than a million hits in just a few days as she keeps posting more pictures with more than 100 now online.
Some people are supporting her unusual way of fund-raising -
but others accuse her of attention-seeking.

One blogger posted:

“It’s a pity that these post-1990 girls are so shameless.

Is this all they know how to do?

Responding to messages sent to her through the forum,

Xiao Yun wrote that she “felt terrible” and was “nearly in tears” after reading some of the more hurtful ones.

“I don’t regret posting the pictures -
I only regret they have been seen by people who cannot appreciate them,”
she wrote.
What happened to their dignity?”


Everyone PLEASE help
the earthquake victims
in China!
THANK YOU in advance
for helping and please
pray for the victims
and the rescue teams.