Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SiN CiTY (2005)

In Basin City, The Man (Josh Hartnett) approaches the stunningly beautiful Customer (Marley Shelton) on the balcony of a penthouse apartment. They chat and seem to fall in love. Then The Man kills her, as she had earlier arranged for him to do.Hartigan (Bruce Willis) races to the docks to prevent Junior (Nick Stahl) from raping and murdering 11-year-old Nancy. His partner, Bob (Michael Madsen) tries to stop him but Hartigan knocks him out. After disarming Junior's henchmen, Hartigan corners Junior on a pier. Junior tries to use Nancy as a shield but Hartigan is too good of a shot, and blows off Junior's ear before shooting him in the groin. But before Hartigan can finish him off, Bob shoots Hartigan in the back. Junior's father is a powerful senator and Bob knows who calls the shots. Hartigan goads Bob into shooting him several more times to keep him from killing Nancy before more police officers arrive.

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