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How to send fake emails, anonymous or prank emails.

This article is posted for educational purpose only. Please NEVER use this procedure or USE at your own risk. The another reason for posting such an informational article is to convey a message to all my readers that, NEVER TRUST E-MAILS. If you have received any suspicious emails from any authorities, Just don't panic and avoid following any procedure listed in them before confirming the reality of that email.

Here I start:
First of all, I would like to suggest all the Windows Vista users to install TELNET. Telnet is not installed/enabled in Windows Vista by default. Just follow these steps in order to install TELNET in Vista.

After logging in your administrator account in Windows Vista,
1. Click on start button.
2. Click on Computer or Go to My computer directly from desktop.
3. Select Uninstall or change a program option as shown.

4. Now in the next window, click Turn windows features on or off as shown:

5. Now in the next window, scroll down, find TELNET CLIENT and Check the box and save it.


After everything is done, no matters which platform are you using.


For windows users: Click Start, Run, enter "CMD", then presss OK. In the in the command window, jump to your ROOT directory by typing CD\ and press enter.
For Linux users: Go into your SHELL.
For Mac users: Go to Applications, Utilities, and choose Terminal

NOW, type nslookup -q=MX and press ENTER.

In the resulting window,
Look for the string non-authoritative answer. Below this string, you will have this: MX preference = 0 Mail exchanger =

Now you have got the mail server information about the destination. The mail exchanger address may be only. In some cases you won't find the prefix "mail.". In the case of MX preference number, If you have more than one entry, just choose the entry having the smallest number as it's value.

Its time to connect the MAIL SERVER using TELNET. Please type the following string in your command prompt:

telnet 25 and press ENTER.
After a short while, you will see the welcome message from the server and you are connected now! Please at the end of every line, Press Enter. And from now onwards, if you make any mistake in typing, please repeat the entire procedure from TAG 1
Now tell the server WHO YOU ARE by typing this information:

Press ENTER and above domain name is your new identity.

This is your new email address.

this is victim's email address

Note: Both of the above email addresses must be enclosed in "<" email address ">" tag, without quotes.
In the case of victim's/receiver's email address. Please make sure the receiver does exist or the server will send you a warning. If the receiver does not exist, your E-mail will be delivered to the default email address of that server. Which is in most of the cases.

After this much done, Type:

and press Enter. Here server is ready to accept a message from you. Now to send a realistic fake email, you are required to use "HEADERS" which must be relevant to your sender's email address. After you have pressed ENTER followed by DATA command, just write the headers in following format:

Date: Sun, 07 Dec 2008 12:49:13 +0530 (IST)
From: Your fake name and email address enclosed in "<>" tags
without quotes.

To: Victim's name and email address enclosed in "<>" tags
without quotes.

Subject : You are under arrest (it's just
fake subject)

Hello victim, Don't panic, It is only a fake email.

Now, have a look at the body of the email (starting with Hello victim).
Terminate your every sentence a DOT. After you have completed
writing your email,

Please don't forget to terminate the entire body by another DOT
(as seen at the end of

the email body).

After terminationg the message body, press ENTER and type:


and press enter again.

You will get such message from server: CLOSING CONNECTION
and in the next line:


And your Prank email/fake email or anonymous email is now delivered

If the receiver's mail server has SPAM Filter ON,
most probably your email
will be marked as spam and

will be shown in spam folder instead of Inbox.
Please try this at your own risk.

Hoping this will come out helpful for all my blogger friends.
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