Saturday, October 15, 2011

How to redirect your BLOGSPOT or any other BLOG to your own website/blog

Hello friends,

This is demonic here again. As I stated the FeedJit trick to gain a huge traffic, I have mentioned some precautions to avoid your site tracked by feedjit.

Following that post, I am going to write the simple procedure to REDIRECT your BLOG to any other BLOG/Website.

Remember, you can only redirect your own blog.
Follow these steps:

1. Login to your Blogger's dashboard
2. Select your blog and click Layout button.
3. Now click EDIT HTML button.
4. Fine HEAD tag.
5. Now, right below the HEAD tag, just add a REFRESH TAG as mentioned below.

In the above string, the numerical value after CONTENT shows the timer value i.e. number of seconds. After this much time, your blog will be redirected. The URL shows the destination URL to which your blog will be redirected.

After adding the above information to the source code of your blog, It will be redirected to your selected destination. Just change the timer value to" 1 "and URL to your selected redirection destination.

Hoping this will come out helpful for all my blogger friends. Please don't forget to link back this post before republishing anywhere. Or just
honestly inform me.

Original Post by: Demonic.Blogger