Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Good Bad Ugly

Director:Sergio Leone
Writers:Luciano Vincenzoni (story) &Sergio Leone (story)
Release Date:29 December 1967 (USA)
Genre:Action Adventure Western

Tagline:They formed an alliance of hate to steal a fortune in dead man's gold

Plot:A bounty hunting scam joins two men in an uneasy alliance against a third in a race to find a fortune in gold buried in a remote cemetery.CastEli WallachClint EastwoodLee Van CleefAldo GiuffrèLuigi PistilliRada RassimovEnzo PetitoClaudio ScarchilliJohn BarthaLivio LorenzonAntonio CasaleSandro ScarchilliBenito StefanelliAngelo NoviAntonio Casas

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