Saturday, October 15, 2011

Free Heavy Traffic for bloggers: Free Linkback ethical hack by me

Note: This stuff is not posted to encourage referrer spam. This is just another view of Spamming possibility. Please do not use it OR use it at your own risk.

Yes that's true. Below is a simple trick discovered by me. Rather I would say its a FEEDJIT Hack.

What all you need is:

1. Your own Blog/website.
2. An other BLOG/SITE where you want to put your free link-back.
3. Mozilla Firefox browser.


A FEEDJIT Live traffic feed must be installed/embedded/added on your friend's/opponent's BLOG. You can find one at lower left panel.

Now follow this:

Open your Mozilla browser:

in the address bar, type this website:

Follow this:

1. In the search box, type "REFCONTROL"
2. After the new page is opened, you will see an icon ADD TO FIREFOX.
3. Install and Restart your Firefox.


When the addon is installed, and you get your firefox opened back:

1. Click on tools menu
2. There you will see a new option is added. Named "RefControl Options".
Click this option.
3. Now you will get a new window

At the bottom of that window, you will have 4 options: ADD SITE, EDIT SITE, REMOVE SITE, REMOVE ALL SITES.


Below them, another option you will see:
"DEFAULT FOR SITES NOT LISTED" in the text box following this option just write the name of your website.

Now your site's referrer is SPOOFFED. This is called Referrer Spoofing.

Now wherever you go and any site you visit using your MOZILLA FIREFOX with your spoofed referrer, only YOUR SITE'S NAME WILL BE FLASHED EVERYTIME.

And if your opponent/friend or any blogger has FEEDJIT installed, will display your site's name in ARRIVED FROM option.

As many sites you visit, your site's name will be recorded as the referrer and if the blogger has FEEDJIT or any other live FEEDS tracking system, Your link will be displayed on the top.

This is the most successfull HACK by Demonic.Blogger. Because, you dont harm anyone's site/blog and this definitely works because, about 75-80% visitors of any blog/site installed with Live feeds tracking system like FEEDJIT are usually curious to see that from where the other visitors are arriving. They clicks and one more click is recorded in your account.

NOTE: This trick will only work if the other blogger has feedjit installed.
Other thn this, One more condition is:

Whenever you see any interesting links on your friend's/opponent's blog, just don't directly click them.
Right click on them -> click COPY LINK LOCATION option -> Open a new TAB -> Paste the link in address BAR and get your own website listed on your friend's site (without even a request).


You can also use this trick for several ways:
If you have joined some affilates/voting directries for Bloggers.

Just do this:

Follow the above procedure till TAG 1

Now click on ADD SITE:
then follow this:

1. Paste or write the site's/directory/or your affilate website name in the text box followed by "Site:"
2. Select the "Custom" option by clicking the radio box.
3. Paste the referral link given to you.

For example:
One of my blog directry site is: MYBLOGDIRECTORY.NET

1. I pasted the address in the text box followed by "Site:"

2. Then in the "Custom:" text field, I pasted my referral link. i.e.

Now whenever I accidently or intensionally visit MYBLOGDIRECTORY.NET, every time it catches MY REFERRAL link in its live referrer and My rating increases :).

Other then All the UNLISTED sites in your addon, your CUSTOM referrer will be delivered. And to the Listed site, your specific even forged referrer will be delivered.
*Please do this at your own risk. This data is posted for educational purpose only.

Hoping this will come out helpful for all my blogger friends. Please don't forget to link back this post before republishing anywhere. Or just inform me honestly.

Original Post by: Demonic.Blogger


Hello friends, here I am updating this post in order to prevent any kind of ban for my reader friends. The day I posted this information, I have got a general warning comment for all. FeedJit support said, they are tracking all the referrer spams and if they find you doing this, they will flag site in BAD SITE. Although, tracking referrer spam is next to impossible. Still to avoid such condition I have a little but useful solution. Read this:

Just register a FREE DOMAIN from CO.CC or CO.NR (or register a new blogspot site) and redirect it to your main site. Only make use of your free registered domain or newly registered BLOG in the referrer field following the entire procedure stated above.

I hope now your site won't be affected by doing this.