Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Director: Julian Schnabel
Screenplay: Ronald Harwood
Novel: Jean-Dominique Bauby
Cast:Mathieu Amalric ----- Jean-Dominique BaubyEmmanuelle Seigner ------ Celine DesmoulinAnne Consigny -------- ClaudeEmma De Caunes -------- Empress EugenieMax von Sydow -- PapinouMarie-Josee Croze -------- Henriette RoiPatrick Chesnais ------- Dr LepageNiels Arestrup -------- RoussinOlatz Lopez Garmendia ------- Marie LopezJean-Pierre Cassel ------ Father Lucien and Shopkeeper

Synopsis:Jean-Dominique Bauby AKA “Jean-Do,” the high-flying editor of French Elle and father of two, was renowned for his sense of humor and style, his joie de vivre and amorous energy, when, in an instant, his world was plunged into the depths of catastrophe. Faced with a harrowing predicament, Jean-Do will use enormous courage and determination but, most of all, his soaring imagination to escape from his trap. Tapping into the limitlessness of his memories, fantasies, wit and wishes, he finds a way to race through experiences of wonder and grief, sex and love, fatherhood and childhood, faith and questioning, ecstasy and absurdity--and touches the very essence of what it is to be human. Along the way he is buoyed by a quintet of remarkable women: Céline, the mother of his children who remains devoted to him despite his betrayal; Inés, the girlfriend who still haunts him; Henriette and Marie, who give Jean-Do the power to re-connect with the world and his loved ones; and Claude, who becomes his ravishing literary assistant.


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