Saturday, October 15, 2011

Blogger Tip: Submit your Blog Sitemap and get higher visiblity in search engines.

Facts to know before submitting a Blog sitemap.

What exactly the sitemap is?
As the name reflects, this is the map of the websites. MAP? Mapping refers to the process of organizing the addresses/urls of all the pages constituting your full website. The single web-page which lists the addresses/urls of all the web-pages in your site is basically the Site-Map of your website.

In the case of webmasters (i am referring the term webmasters to those who have the ROOT ACCESS to thr website's server), the process of submitting a sitemap is very easy.
(In brief: Just make an xml site map, Login to your Google webmaster's page, and submit your sitemap following the options listed at the left panel)

For Bloggers:

Here is an explaination about submitting your BLOG's site-map to Google. (no need to learn XML)

1. Open your Google Webmasters Tools by following this link. Use your Google account to get in.

2. In the text field below the dashboard just type the URL of your Blog.

3. Click ADD SITE.

On the next page, you will see another link flashing "VERIFY YOUR SITE". Click Verify your site and on the nest page you will see: Verification status: NOT VERIFIED

Now, Click the Method of verification dropdown list on the same page and select the option "Add a meta tag"
Next, you will get a TAG STRING something like this:

Now open a new tab in your browser or a new window. Open BLOGGER.COM here.
Go to your dashboard and follow this:

Open your dashboard -> Choose the blog and Click on LAYOUT -> Now click EDIT HTML option. --> Locate HEAD tag in the HTML EDITTING PAGE. -> Paste the verification tag right below this.



Now switch Google Webmaster Tools Window/Tab. And click the VERIFY button. And now your site is verified to Google webmesters tools.

After this,
Locate & Click the link SITEMAP at the left panel of your Google Webmasters Tools. The new page opens and your sitemaps are (0). Now, type the following code in the text box and click on SUBMIT SITEMAP button.


just type the above code in the text field followed by

Within 1-2 hours, your sitemap will be processed and verified without any errors. Now wait for some time for your sitemap to be indexed by google. By submitting sitemap, All the pages of your BLOG will be indexed to google separately.

How to check wether the sitemap is processed or not?

Open GOOGLE.COM -> in the searchbox type:
and you will see all the pages of your BLOG indexed separately.

How is this useful?
Sometimes, I would rather say, usually google bot does not crawl all of the webpage and as the result, the pages left by google bot will not be indexed and would not appear in search result.
But after submitting the sitemap to Google, According to Google's sitemap protocol, almost all the webpages listed in your sitemap will be indexed separately.

After submitting your sitemap, please dont forget to check the status. If you have errors, please email me or comment here.

Please don't forget to comment if you find this post useful. Please link back or inform me before republishing this post.
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