Saturday, October 15, 2011

All about Google SEO and Facts from top to bottom

Improving Google PAGE Rank (PR) SEO SCAM (SEO- Search Engine Optimization)">Improving Google PAGE Rank (PR) SEO SCAM (SEO- Search Engine Optimization)

Well after a long term working in web designing, I have seen many organizations who claim to improve your Page Rank.

These organizations are proudly known/labled as SEO Solutions/SEO GURUS/Website making solutions etc.

If you are planning to hire a SEO organization, then DO NOT GO WITH IT.

I aint against such organizations or i dont wana post a controversial comment. The thing/fact I would like to make clear is that, all that those organisations do, YOU CAN DO IT!

Except some(one or two) reputed SEO organizations, all of them are scammers & frauds. They scam their clients very confidently. Afterwards, If you want to discontinue with their services, You may lost everything!

Just in a few comments, I would like to explain them & their scams.

1. Some of them claims to deliver 1000-100000 unique clicks to your site. YES THEY DO.

But have you ever wondered, From where this traffic/clicks come from?

The answer is: They frequently use Click Generators. A click generator is a snippet(in the form of a temporary web-page) which can be designed using any server-side scripting language like PHP. What it does? It just collect the list of proxy* available servers or selects from the predefined list & chose a random user agent** everytime and tempers the page(its own) headers applying this information to its headers and finally, REDIRECTS THE ITSELF TO YOUR SITE.

This may repeat after an every fraction of second. This is just the game of codes and clicks are added to your website.

(*proxy is a server which redirects the user to the requested webpage by supplying its own headers including IP ADDRESS/USER AGENT. It works like a middle user between the main user and the requested web page. The user sends request to the proxy & the proxy sends request to the web page. in return, Web page sends back the output to the proxy and after parsing the page once, the proxy sends it back to the main/primary user.)

(**User agent: user agent is the string which is sent as the header of the browser. This contains the name of the browser, OS Platform, OS version etc.)

What you lose?

If your SEO organisation using Automated click genetaters to deliver quality traffic, you may be blocked by Adsense(discussed later) or any other advertising/earning programs. If you are a publisher, None of the advertising agency will tolerate this and will terminate your membership at the time of payments.

If you are an advertiser and want to sell your product online, then just keep in mind if you are getting virtual traffic than how would they buy your product ;)

2. Some SEO agencies use shadow domains and redirects them to your website. Shadow domain is the one having the same name of your website with different extension. Or may be nearly the same. The SEO organization owns that domain and publish their domain(shadow of your site).

Now what?

if in case they are delivering real traffic to you, the traffic is actually coming from your shadowed domain which is owned by your SEO agency and redirected to your site.

There is no loss in carrying it forward. But the day your relationship with your SEO goes sour, they will terminate the redirection and turn all your traffic to their own site or any other client’s site having good relation with them.

Best way to find this out is:

Track the REFERRER FIELDS of your coming traffic. Just have a look from where the traffic is coming from. If you see a domain redirected to your site, just ask your SEO to sell that domain to you. To verify wether the domain is redirected just click on the referrer, If you get PAGE NOT FOUND ERROR (CODE 404), probably the domain is redirected to you.

Many other ways are used by SEO SCAMMERS.